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Remove and fit

Replace wooden windows and transform your home!

If you’re renovating your home and wish to replace your steel or wooden frames with low-maintenance aluminium ones, Go Green Design offers a convenient and professional remove and fit service to help you modernise your home. Our aluminium windows and doors are available in a variety of attractive colours and styles.

Our remove and fit service includes:

  • measuring up of the existing window and door cavities,
  • manufacturing (and design – if necessary) of replacement windows and doors,
  • removal of the existing windows and doors,
  • fitting of the new aluminium windows and doors.

The remove and fit process is relatively simple and does not involve any significant ‘wet-work’.  We cut the existing frame fixings to enable us to remove them with minimal impact on the surrounding brickwork and paint. Once the new frames are fitted and fixed securely into position, we patch the existing plaster to ensure a good finish.

Paint work:

The remove and fit service does not include painting or touching up of the existing painted surfaces as we do not quote on providing paint.


Although we will try out very best not to damage any surrounding tiles, we cannot guarantee that there will be no damage as this depends on how the frames and tiles were originally butted together.

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