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Go Green Design – energy efficient glazing

Go Green Design offers a consulting service to help designers and architects to ensure that their building structures comply with energy efficiency legislation.  We provide U-values for the majority of our products and will help you calculate the target values for your home, office complex or retail store.

The recent introduction of legislation to improve the total energy efficiency of our buildings is impacting the aluminium, glass and fenestration industries. Go Green Design is at the forefront of producing energy-efficient glazing systems.

The U-Value

The thermal efficiency of glazing (its ability to allow heat to pass through it) is measured as a U-Value. The lower the U-Value, the lower the rate of the heat transfer through a window and the better the thermal efficiency.

The energy efficiency of a building may be substantially influenced by the amount of energy required for heating, cooling and illumination of the interior space. While increasing the amount of glazing can reduce the amount of energy required for internal lighting, it may also result in heat gain or loss as traditional window materials are not good insulators.

Modifying energy flow

There are three ways in which energy is transferred through glazing: these are conduction, convection and radiation. Energy-efficient aluminium glazed systems need to address the combined effect of these three factors to save energy throughout the various seasons of the year.

  • Aluminium is one of the best heat conductors and absorbs radiant energy and converts it into both conductive and convectional heat.
  • Glass is a poor insulator and allows infrared radiation to pass directly through it, resulting in the interior building space being heated.

Producing an energy-efficient glazing system using these two ‘inefficient’ materials requires manipulation of the design and configuration to modify energy flows into becoming a highly efficient system for fenestration.

The benefits of energy-efficient glazing systems

Optimised glazing systems factor in the angles of the sun during the various seasons, as well as air movement / penetration and radiation. The use of such glazing systems conserves energy and resources by reducing spend on the heating, cooling and illumination of the interiors of building structures.

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