• Aluminium windows and doors for residential and commercial applications
  • We design, manufacture and install aluminium windows and doors
  • Aluminium windows and doors for custom projects

Design, manufacture and installation of custom glass and aluminium structures

The wide range of extruded profiles, styles and creative options, combined with the flexibility and durability of this medium, makes aluminium and glass an attractive proposition for custom designs and features such as skylights, balustrades and conservatories.

Go Green Design’s ability to offer a concept-to-completion service, including the design, manufacture and installation of custom glass and aluminium structures, makes it a popular choice for both architects and home owners wanting to add a design feature or custom solution to their home.

We will gladly assist you with your design or check that your specifications are compliant with local building regulations and then manufacture and install your skylight, balustrade or conservatory.

Aluminium glazing systems for buildings

Go Green Design offers a wide variety of shop-front, façade and curtain walling solutions to meet your specific needs, as well as the necessary expertise to assist you in complying with energy-efficiency legislation.

  • Skylights not only make an attractive feature in the home, but also allow in natural light. They can also be fitted with opening windows to allow for additional ventilation,
  • Balustrades made of clear glass to the right specification and thickness make a very attractive feature of a staircase or landing and are also perfectly safe for use in your home,
  • Conservatories and sunrooms may bridge the flow between your home and garden by providing a flexible indoor / outdoor living and entertainment area,
  • Other enclosures include patio and entrance enclosures to provide shelter from the elements when opening your front or back doors,
  • Viewing glass may be used as an architectural or safety feature under walkways or pools,
  • Bullet-resistant glass may be fitted into custom profiles and extrusions to provide home or workplace security.

We offer a concept-to-completion service, extending from design to manufacture and installation.