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Commercial glass and aluminium for building and refurbishing?

Commercial glass and aluminium shop-fronts and facades have become almost the norm for commercial and retail applications because they are durable, versatile in terms of size and style and almost maintenance free. Commercial glass and aluminium is energy efficient and may reduce heating and / or cooling costs through naturally regulating airflow and – as a result – internal temperature.

While the trend toward energy-efficient glazing is not new, the introduction of related building guidelines has grabbed the attention of architects, building managers and owners.

Thermally efficient glazed systems offer building owners a number of cost and compliance benefits, which may substantially increase the value of their property investment over the long term.

Shop-fronts, facades and curtain walling

Whether you’re erecting a new building, refurbishing an existing one or simply replacing a shop-front, Go Green Design has both the expertise to assist you in complying with energy-efficiency legislation, as well as a wide variety of shop-front, façade and curtain walling solutions to meet your exact needs.

  • Shop-fronts may be manufactured in a variety of styles for both internal (within shopping centres and retail complexes) and external applications. Shop-fronts typically combine fixed glass panes with sliding, folding or hinged doors, as well as various window options.
  • Facades not only provide for attractive design options, but also offer high performance in terms of optimally regulating direct light and airflow into buildings. They typically include curtain-walling systems, flush glazing, shop-front and sun louvre systems.
  • Curtain walling is a specialist cladding solution for corporate buildings. Glass panes and / or spandrels are fitted to the face of the building with vertical or horizontal mullions which transfer wind and gravitational force to the structure of the building.

We offer a concept-to-completion service, extending from design to manufacture and installation.

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