• Aluminium windows and doors for residential and commercial applications
  • We design, manufacture and install aluminium windows and doors
  • Aluminium windows and doors for custom projects

Low maintenance aluminium windows

Go Green Designs manufactures a wide range of aluminium windows including 30.5mm casement windows, 38mm casement windows, Horizontal sliders, Vertical sliders, Pivot windows, Tilt-and-turn windows. We also offer mock cottage pane windows.

We can manufacture aluminium windows to a range of sizes for almost any application. We also offer a full installation service for added convenience.

All of our aluminium windows and doors are anodised and powder coated in an attractive range of colour options.

aluminium windows-Casement-Window

Casement aluminium windows: 30.5mm

Casement windows are also referred to as projected aluminium windows or sash windows.

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Casement aluminium windows: 38.0mm

The Crealco Casement 38 window may be used for both residential and commercial applications; it is very durable and has superb weathering characteristics.

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aluminium windows-horizontal-sliding-Window

Horizontal sliding aluminium windows

Sliding windows do not project outward and are therefore convenient space savers; they are also ideal for application in restricted or confined spaces. They may be used for both residential and commercial applications and are available either as horizontal sliding windows or vertical sliding windows.

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aluminium windows-Vertical-Sliding-Window

Vertical sliding aluminium windows

Aluplan vertical sliding windows have a thin profile and do not protrude outward; they also allow variable airflow as both the top and bottom panes may slide.

If used together with aluminium shutters, these units may be applied in line with the new energy efficiency legislation.

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aluminium windows-Pivot-Window

Pivot aluminium windows

Pivot windows open by pivoting around a specific point in the window’s frame. The unique design allows for these windows to be manufactured in above-average window sizes.

These windows are suitable for luxury residential and commercial application and use double wool-pile in the outer frames for weather proofing. They have a smooth action and pivot locks may be fitted into the window sashes.

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