• Aluminium windows and doors for residential and commercial applications
  • We design, manufacture and install aluminium windows and doors
  • Aluminium windows and doors for custom projects

Aluminium doors are low maintenance!

Go Green Design manufactures a wide range of aluminium doors including Hinged, Stable, Patio, Sliding and Sliding-folding doors.

We can manufacture aluminium doors to a range of sizes for almost any application. We also offer a full installation service for added convenience.

All our aluminium windows and doors are anodised or powder coated in a range of attractive colour options.

aluminium doors-Hinged-Doors

Hinged aluminium doors

Hinged aluminium doors are extremely popular as they may be mounted to open either inward or outward. They are available in both single and double door configurations.

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aluminium doors-Pivot-Doors

Pivot aluminium doors

Pivot doors make an attractive entrance feature as they pivot around a predetermined point on the frame, allowing easy access and may also be manufactured to custom specifications.

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aluminium doors-Sliding-Doors

Sliding aluminium doors

Sliding doors provide maximum viewing angles and allow a great deal more light into your home or office than with normal doors. They have a smooth action, are fully weather sealed and available in 2 or 3 panel configurations. One of the panels is always fixed and cannot slide.

These doors are often used together with top lights and side lights to fill larger openings, create enclosures and build sunrooms. They are ideal for ‘opening up’ living areas into garden or outdoor leisure areas.

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aluminium doors-Sliding-Folding-Doors

Sliding-folding doors

Origin Vista Fold sliding folding doors offer huge flexibility and have become hugely popular, especially for residential applications. They utilise state of the art hardware for ongoing durability and reliability.

Also referred to as folding doors, stacking doors, folding stacking doors, concertina doors or accordion doors, they allow for exceptionally large openings and effectively open up your indoor living areas into your outdoor entertainment areas.

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Aluminium and glass doors are an attractive option for residential and commercial applications because:

  • they may be manufactured to specification,
  • units may include single or double door configurations,
  • they seal exceptionally well and offer excellent protection against inclement weather,
  • they may be mounted with side lights and top lights for added light and ventilation,
  • they are available in anodized or powder-coated aluminium options,
  • they may be finished in a wide range of powder-coated colours,
  • fitting options include standard 4mm glass, toughened glass or laminated safety glass,
  • single door sizes may range up to 900mm in width and 2.7m in height,
  • double door sizes may range up to 1.8m wide and 2.7m high.

The benefits of aluminium doors include:

  • being almost maintenance free,
  • being corrosion resistant and resistant to distortion,
  • being available in a wide range of styles including folding, sliding and rotating,
  • superb insulation against the weather,
  • being able to include special features such as being burglar resistant, fire resistant or bullet resistant.